LATEST UPDATE - 15th May 2021

Harry's Hydro pool is open for all adult and child users as from Monday 17th May. This is subject to strict Covid measures remaining in place for the meantime, to protect our users and volunteers. Changes may occur dependant on Government instructions.

Please contact Paula Fox regarding any further information - 

see Contact Us page.


Please contact Paula Fox regarding any further information - 

see Contact Us page.


see Special Measures page


Major improvements were carried out at the end of October last year.


The works included new outside lighting and security, electrical safety works inside, upgrading of the plant room pipework and valves, new filter media, and the installation of a defibrillator on the outside of the building. 


Harry's Hydro gets a fresh coat of paint

In June last year a team of enthusiastic volunteers from Frome Town Rotary arrived at Harry's Hydro armed with sandpaper, cleaning tackle, paint pots and paint brushes.  The Rotarians had volunteered earlier in the year to repaint the outside of Harry's Hydro, which is a log cabin style of building.  Regular repainting is needed to preserve the woodwork.  They were waiting for good weather, and the day turned out to be about the only dry warm day in the whole month!


The team started around 9.30 am and had the first coat completed by 2 pm - a fantastic achievement considering the huge area of woodwork to be painted.  There were around 12 workers, not forgetting Lesley who made cups of tea for everyone!  President of Frome Town Rotary, Andrew Lee was the foreman for the session, and was so carried away by the task that he had the more paint on himself than anyone else!

The building needs a final coat in the next few weeks to ensure a durable paint which should last for several years. Thanks are due to Sydenhams in Frome for sponsorship of the paint.

On behalf of the all the hundreds of users of Harry's Hydro, the Trustees extent a huge thank you to all the Rotarians for their tremendous work!