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LATEST UPDATE - 15th May 2021

Harry's Hydro pool is open for all adult and child users as from Monday 17th May. This is subject to strict Covid measures remaining in place for the meantime, to protect our users and volunteers. Changes may occur dependant on Government instructions.

Please contact Paula Fox regarding any further information - 

see Contact Us page.

We are a small local charity that built and runs a community Hydrotherapy pool in Frome, Somerset for those with disabilities, sensory, behavioural or learning difficulties, a life threatening illness (e.g. cancer) or a limiting condition (e.g. rheumatism or fibromyalgia). It is available to all ages, from babies to the elderly.

Hydrotherapy is physiotherapy undertaken in an environment of warm water and high air temperature, the combination of which relaxes the patient and eases pain, which frees the user to move in ways they cannot on land. The pool and environment at these warm temperatures is also very effective for those with learning difficulties as it satisfies and calms their sensory needs thus allowing them to use the more complex thinking and communication parts of the brain.


The pool is in memory of local boy Harry Fox who died aged 13 months.

See our news page for recent events.