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Covid-19 special measures

A full risk assessment has been conducted and our operating procedures updated in line with advice from the government, Heath England, Swim England, PWTAG and the ATACP.

We have in place:

  •    A one way system from the car park to maintain social distancing;

  •   A one way system through the building;

  •   Reduced numbers in the building and pool at one time;

  •   No crossover of any groups in the changing areas;

  •   Five alcohol sanitisers dispensers;

  •   Four hand wash stations;

  •  Social distancing with signs both inside and outside the building;

  •  A need to shower with soap/shower gel before entering the pool so that all the     chlorine is ready to kill any COVID-19 rather than be wasted cleaning dirt or bacteria     from bathers;

  •  Fresh air being circulated by our environmental control system with none recirculated;

  •  Chlorine level in line with best practice advice from PWTAG to be most effective at   making the COVID-19 virus ineffective;

  •  75% alcohol surface sanitiser in use in addition to extra cleaning before and after   sessions;

  •  All non essential equipment removed to reduce touch points.

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